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1 Aug

CFNZ board update – July 2019

1 August 2019

CFNZ chair Jane Drumm gives an update from the July board meeting.

At our July meeting of the CFNZ Board, we accepted an organisational review report from Craig Fisher, RSM. The board had a number of governance aspects that we had asked Craig to “have a look at” including scanning the horizon, outlining the impact of legislative changes, looking at the structure of CFNZ and how “fit for purpose” we are given the impact of legislative change over the last 3–5 years, how sustainable we are and how our structure aligns with our newly developed strategic service delivery pillars, as determined by our consultative strategic process.

We had an excellent session discussing the report and clarifying what this would mean for CFNZ moving forward. This is something that we will be working with our branch chairs and committees on going forward with our eyes firmly on organisational sustainability and the essential governance work that we do on your behalf.

For me there were several “shout outs” in the report and it is heartening to see that as an organisation we are in good health.

Something else the board is working on is the appointment of an independent director/board member and we are hoping this will add to our skills matrix and give another perspective to our governance work. The appointment will be for a two-year period, is allowed for under our current constitution and will be effective from our AGM (in September).

The board is also seeking nominations for the adult with cystic fibrosis (AWCF) representative position that has been carried out by Mark Passey for the last two years. This position is a two-year appointment and the incumbent can re-apply for the role. Mark has brought many skills and perspectives to his role on our board and I thank him on behalf of the board. Nomination forms are available from your local branch or you can download the form and, as always, you are welcome to contact me on 021 1173 621 or by email: to have a chat if you think you are interested.

As always there are a few board members stepping down by rotation. This year it is me, Melissa Skene and Michele Wilson. I have signalled to the Board I will not be continuing as chair after the AGM. I have been on the Board for a long time and have seen the organisation go through many changes. I have appointed three CEO’s who have enriched and grown CFNZ. I am proud of our board(s) and the work we have done and will continue to do to make a difference in the lives of PWCF and their families. The most rewarding aspect of the chair role is the relationship with our branch people – our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation.

Having the patient and whanau perspective in the governance arena is (in my opinion) vital and I encourage our community to continue to strengthen our organisation at branch committee level, board level or in any way you feel you are able to. Board nomination forms are also available from your branch or you can download it. I am available to chat about this role should you be considering seeking nomination.