Personal & family support

We provide personalised support, including emotional guidance, practical advice or financial assistance, to individuals and their families with cystic fibrosis. As people live longer, and better, lives with cystic fibrosis, there are many life transitions, milestones and challenges to manage along the way. We support you and your family throughout your changing journey.


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CF Community Support Leads

Our team of CF Community Support Leads (Registered Social Workers) travel throughout New Zealand and provide practical help and emotional support to individuals, families and carers. They also offer advice on resources and help with access to essential services.

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Support groups

The support of our social workers is extended by our regional support groups, also known as branches. Each branch is run by CF families for CF families. They provide invaluable friendship, advice and a support network.

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Resources for friends

You can be a great source of support to your relatives/friends, especially if you understand a little about cystic fibrosis. Try to be strong, your relatives or friends have a lot to cope with and need you to support them.

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Online communities

Cystic Fibrosis New Zealand facilitates online communities and national conferences as a way of helping individuals and families connect across the country.

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