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24 Sep

The importance of our village – a special thank you to Mylan

24 September 2020

This week the #Sweatember campaign ticked over $100,000.

For a fairly small organisation, fighting for the donor dollar in one of the most competitive charity markets, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic – that’s a pretty brilliant achievement.

But this achievement isn’t ours. It belongs to the incredible supporters out there sweating away, badgering their friends for sponsorship, spamming their colleagues with emails, kind individuals and businesses who’ve dug deep and donated, and family helping to spread the word.

Supporting the vulnerable in our community takes a village, and we’ve been humbled at how our community has rallied around in support during a testing time.

One such business who has rallied around in support of the CF community for many years is Mylan.

Many people with CF will know of Creon® - the capsules containing special enzymes to help the body break down the food you eat. The company behind Creon, Mylan, has supported Kiwis with CF for several years through its sponsorship of the CF Achievers’ Award, CF Week, various projects, and most recently, as key sponsors of Sweatember.

We’re incredibly grateful to Mylan and its team for sharing our mission to improve the lives of Kiwis with CF, and for being an all-round brilliant supporter.

Mylan is one of the largest suppliers of medicines used by Kiwis every day.  Globally, Mylan is focused on making high quality medicines and is committed to setting new standards in healthcare, working together around the world to provide 7 billion people with access to high quality medicines.

As time goes on, the $100,000 will translate into social worker support, hospital allowances, welfare assistance, transplant support, and so much more. This is only possible because of the ‘village’ around us.

Thank you, Mylan, for your commitment to CFNZ and the CF community.