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Add a heading 600 x 180 mm 1
12 Oct

Thank you for sweating this Sweatember

11 October 2023

Calling all sweaters!

You did it! You managed to sweat your way through Sweatember and we are so grateful to you for your sweating and fundraising efforts.

Together, to date, we have raised an epic $60,400!

While we didn’t reach our lofty goal of $127,000, we are so thankful for every dollar – you have made a real difference to the lives of people living with cystic fibrosis in New Zealand, helping raise awareness and raise funds.

Our supporters have run, swum, cycled, climbed mountains, danced, yoga’d and so much more, all in the spirit of getting Sweaty for people with CF and as one of them, you are our hero!

Sweaty Freddy is definitely taking some downtime to recover from his month of activities and we hope you are too, along with giving yourself a big pat on the back for your sweaty efforts.

Thank you so much for making your sweat count, it’s never meant so much!

Sweaty Freddy and the CFNZ Team