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9 Jun

Thank you for being KIND!

9 June 2022

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Every day we hold our CF community in our hearts and minds to make sure our community has access to the emotional, physical, and financial support when they need it. Every day we fight for access to Trikafta, the wonder drug not yet funded in New Zealand. The inspiration behind our CF Month Campaign - Cruel Needs Kind.

Cystic fibrosis is relentless, it's cruel and it's the story we've told across the month of May. CF is a condition for whole of life and for most of our community that means hours of treatment, hospitalisations, medications, missed days from school and work, and lost opportunities to be a part of social activities because of the risks it carries.

CF Month exceeded all our expectations, with so many kind and thoughtful Deliberate Acts of Kindness we can continue injecting kindness into the lives of our people with cystic fibrosis often when they need it most.

Current total boxes of Chocky Fish is a record 832 which is more than double last year, we've shipped 30 art canvas’, and had clever, inspired fundraisers who have been raising awareness throughout the month with activities all over the country. We hope to have a final result to share with you on all the funds raised by early July. It's going so well we've decided to keep going until the end of June!

We couldn't have done any of this without our incredibly generous donors, fundraisers and supporters who have been so passionate in their support for CF and CFNZ.

HUGE thanks to Louise, Pen and the team at Energi, Andy Lish, Chloe Lorentzen for her song BREATHE, and all the partnerships that made Deliberate Acts of Kindness so CruelNeedsKind was possible.

It’s not too late, you can still visit the Kindness Store and get your Limited Edition BREATE vinyl, Cruel Needs Kind merch or order Chocky Fish here.


Thank you for being part of our CF family, and for your continued kindness so we can keep doing what we do.


Watch the THANK YOU video here.