9 Feb

Summer Challenge for CF

9 February 2021

Sadie and two friends are taking part in the Summer Challenge in March, a women's adventure race in Nelson. The team have generously decided to raise awareness and funds for CFNZ Nelson Marlborough at the same time.

A note from Sadie:

In the past year I’ve been a little lax in the exercise department. When Bradley was born with CF, I started thinking about what I could do to give him a positive mindset to what he had ahead. There is always a lot of talk about the importance of exercise and sport. Then I was introduced to Nelson Marlborough CF branch and learned about the need to fundraise. Then one day I decided I needed to set a better example to Bradley and I needed to improve my health and fitness. I saw the advert for half marathon and though it could be a challenge for me and set and example to Bradley with maybe him joining me for a few runs. 

Before I knew it I had suggested it as a fundraiser and a team signed up to doing it with me and it was a success. 

Then March 2021 summer challenge was happening in my town and and my mates had ask me to join, when we talked about the difficulties with fundraising they suggested to use this as a fundraiser. It had become my style, exercise, focus to improve my health but included training I could include my son in. It also had to be something I hadn’t done before to make it a challenge. 

Where we are at now? Training, training, training!

It’s a all women’s adventure race - working as a team doing Kayaking, biking, and hiking, whilst orienteering. We will be competing in the 6 hour race.

As part of our fundraiser, we have set up a givealittle page and we are doing a blog on Facebook to talk about our training to get to the main event showing what we put our body through, but also use it as a forum to give people so information on CF.


Thank you Sadie and team for raising awareness of cystic fibrosis, and funds for the Nelson Marlborough Branch.
We wish you all the very best for your race!