Tayler 1
Tayler 1
30 Apr

Racing community supports Auckland branch

30 April 2019

Tayler, aged 12 from Auckland, spent Easter competing in the New Zealand KartSport Sprint Championship in Hamilton. Only recently moving up into his new class of competition, the 31 fierce and competitive Junior Rotax Drivers and competing against drivers aged 12–16, Tayler finished an impressive 13th in the final while also raising an amazing $6,250 for Cystic Fibrosis Auckland branch.

Tayler’s mum Stephanie shares more about race day:

“The best part of the championship was prizegiving where we had an auction to raise money for the club. Tayler was gifted a hot lap for his 12th birthday from one of his karting families (the Lucas’) from Concept Motorsport. They suggested we auction it off for CF and they would still give him a hot lap.

We did this at prizegiving and raised an incredible $4,000, then Matt Carter from Carter's Tyres donated another hot lap in one of the Carter's cars and this went for $2,250. In total, within 5 minutes, we raised $6,250 for CF Auckland branch.

We had lots of tears, including Tayler as I think he was totally overwhelmed that we raised so much for him and his charity. He also had so many of his racing peers and their families offering us so much love and support. The awareness we raised was incredible and we hope to do more of this in the future.

I just want to say a massive thank you to the Lucas family (Concept Motorsport) for the hot lap, Matt Carter from Carter's Tyres for the second hot lap, Brian Waldmeyer from Lascom Motorsport, Tony Walker & Greig Gonano from Dr Plumber and Glenn Rawson from Steenson Plumbing for buying the auctions.

Also, a special thanks to Kevin Deane, the auctioneer on the day who provided an incredible introduction about cystic fibrosis and rallied up support. We are so very grateful for everyone’s generosity.”

From CFNZ and the Auckland branch, thank you to Tayler and Stephanie and everyone in your racing community for all your support.



Tayler with his Dad Brett, getting ready to race

Tayler 1

Tayler with NZ professional racing driver Scott McLaughlin

Thank you to everyone who supported Tayler and Cystic Fibrosis Auckland