Beehive and Parliament House
25 Jun

New Rare Disorders NZ petition

A new petition needs more signatures to help ensure New Zealanders with a rare disorder have access to the best healthcare.

The Petition of Sue Haldane for Rare Disorders NZ: Develop a National Rare Disorder Framework, urges the Government to acknowledge the universal challenges faced by people living with a rare disease, and the unfairness within the current system, by committing to the development of a New Zealand National Rare Disorder Framework. 

Please take a minute to sign the petition and share with your networks before it closes on 1 September 2020.

And if you haven’t already, the Reform Pharmac and Double the Pharmac Budget petition is still accepting signatures.

We continue to support the work of Malcolm Mulholland of Patient Voice Aotearoa. New Zealanders are missing out on life-changing and life-saving medications available in other countries and NZ has the worst access to medicines out of 20 countries in the OECD.

This petition urges an external reform of PHARMAC and increased funding to help ensure Kiwis have access to much-needed medications.