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3 Dec

Most DHBs providing PARI BOY following CFNZ-led project

Tuesday 3 December 2019

Since the early 1990s, CFNZ has been fundraising for and purchasing the compressors that power nebulisers used for inhaling medication. These were supplied as required to a large portion of people with CF in the country.

Last year, however, the CFNZ Board decided to stop providing this equipment and transfer this responsibility to local DHBs.

Handing medical equipment over to the DHBs

CFNZ made the decision to exit the funding of equipment as we were aware of the health and safety risks of a patient organisation, with no medical employees, supplying medical devices.

Fundraising for, buying and managing the distribution and maintenance of medical equipment is also a large financial burden for a small charity.

We were also aware of the inequality of care around NZ where some district health boards supplied equipment and others did not.

The shift means CFNZ can focus on fundraising for other equipment that improves quality of life for people with CF.

Over the past eighteen months we’ve been working with all DHBs to transfer the funding and provision of the PARI BOY SX nebuliser and consumables to the DHBs.

Thanks to everyone’s from the DHB’s, PHARMAC, EBOS and CFNZ, we’re pleased to report that most DHB’s are now funding this equipment.

We’re still working with Canterbury DHB to ensure a smooth transition of provision of equipment for everybody seen by the Canterbury DHB team. This includes all adults living in the South Island and children from Canterbury, as well as shared care with West Coast and South Canterbury DHB areas.


Make sure you're covered for Christmas

If you need a new PARI BOY SX nebuliser or related consumables, please contact your usual CF team contact person for DHBs funding equipment or Sue Lovelock, Fieldworker for those DHB areas where equipment is not yet managed by them.

With Christmas fast approaching NOW is a good time to check your equipment and make sure you have everything you need over the holiday period.

What about other medical equipment?

CFNZ will still look at providing non vital equipment such as mobile nebulisers, metanebs and oxygen concentrators as fundraising permits.

This equipment will be managed via the CFNZ Fieldworkers (rather than CFNZ branches) as part of our commitment to ensuring equitable services and treatments for all people with CF in New Zealand.


If you'd like further information about this advocacy project, visit the advocacy timeline or email the CFNZ Chief Executive.