Hook, line and Youtube!

Dunedin Fisherman Dylan Booth is hooked on fishing in more ways than one – he’s appeared on TV’s Gone Fishing, has his own YouTube fishing channel, reeled in some impressive sponsors and landed his perfect job at Hunting and Fishing.

Dylan (19) got his first taste of the fishing as a preschooler but doesn’t believe the sea air has affected his condition – he always has a bit of a cough and struggles to walk long distances but he likes to keep fit as possible.

Dylan was nice enough to share the secrets of his fishing success with us:

Where are some of your favourite fishing spots?

Twizel Hydro Canals or Lake Aviemore in Waitaki.

What made you decide to start a YouTube channel?

When I was around 12 I started getting into fishing quite serious, most school holidays I'd venture down to the river and land some serious fish. That made me think, “why not make a fishing channel?” Well I'm glad I did because now I’m sponsored by two very large companies that are known worldwide! They are called Daiwa and Black Magic Tackle.

Has your YouTube channel Fishing Forever Films been growing in popularity?

Yes, it’s starting to takeoff quite large I'd say. This summer I have some of the biggest fishing YouTubers known worldwide come over to New Zealand and fish with me and film for their channels. I've combined the channels all together and all the followers they have is just short of two million followers. How nuts is that!

How did the sponsorship come about?

Just usually posting on social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube I'd say. That question is hard to answer.

How’s your job at Hunting and Fishing in Dunedin been going?

I work four days a week at Hunting & Fishing Dunedin. I love it and the staff are just great. I feel right at home.

What’s the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?

Freshwater would be a 37lb 14oz brown trout which was just shy of the world record. Saltwater would be a 150lb Seven Gilled Shark off the local wharf where everyone swims...

You received a Make-a-Wish for the fishing show on TV – how did that go?

My Make-a-Wish was unreal! It was awesome to fish with Matt Watson. I learned a lot of "tips 'n' tricks" that's for sure. We never filmed for TV but it was an epic time.

Any tips for others with CF?

To all the cystic fibrosis people out there I'd just like to say if you have a goal just do step one. Focus on that before all the others, take every step at a time and slow and steady is the key. Stick to your goal and one day you'll make it happen! Thank you very much for taking time out to read this.


Visit Dylan's fishing Youtube channel