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4 Feb

Growing a mo and going bald for the cause

4 February 2020

Wendell D’Cunha, Manager of Remuneration at Auckland Council, decided to Movember last November, for the second year in a row, in support of CFNZ. 

Geraldine Crudge sent us some words about her very kind work mate:

My colleague, Wendell D’Cunha, has a massive heart and decided to do Movember for CF for the second year in a row. He’s heard me talking about my two-year-old CFer in the office, and thought supporting the charity that supported him seemed like a good cause. And, because he likes to keep things interesting, he decided to up the ante this year and promised to shave his head if he raised over $1000.

Wendell is well known in the HR team, and a few of his colleagues were pretty keen to see a bald Wendell, So… One of our recruitment managers rallied the troops and did a great job of getting my colleagues to sponsor him. She also suggested to someone who wanted to give her wine for Christmas, that they could sponsor Wendell instead of giving her a present - which they did!  (To the tune of $200 - it would have been a GREAT couple of bottles of wine she turned down!) Wendell’s own son even donated $50 to the cause, because he was pretty keen to see his Dad bald. Wendell put a call out to his friends over Facebook, and it turns out an old colleague from abroad has a child with CF (so another CF connection).

Needless to say, Wendell raised over $2000 for CFNZ. Another colleague wanted to shave his head, so accompanied him to the barber to assist in the process - it was decided that shaving in the office was all in all too messy!


Thank you, Wendell, for your amazing fundraising efforts, and for growing a mo’ and shaving your head for CF. A big thank you to Geraldine for sharing the story, and to your colleagues at Auckland Council for getting behind the cause too!