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25 May

Deliberate Acts of Kindness Day - Friday 27 May!

25 May 2022

Our CruelNeedsKind campaign is in full swing for #CFAwarenessMonth and I’m hoping you’ve had the chance to meet me during May. I’m FRED Bear!

Don’t know about you but I think I may have already eaten an entire box of Chocky Fish, the CFNZ team really shouldn’t leave me in the office on my own!

We have started a movement with our CruelNeedsKind message, stories are being written and shared, we have superheroes all over Aotearoa who are fundraising, buying merch, or doing other activities like donating proceeds from selling items. And there’s a whole bunch of talented creative people who are painting an art canvas for our upcoming auction in June.

Our whole team is beyond grateful to everyone across New Zealand that’s got involved, and it’s not too late. Deliberate Acts of Kindness DAY is this Friday – 27th of May, a day to give back!

Give up your coffee for a day or a week, donate the cost of a dinner out or if you’re working from home, your daily commute cost.

Being able to get a decent hot cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or a meal when you have someone in hospital can be the one Deliberate Act of Kindness that someone needs during tough times.

Your Deliberate Act of Kindness makes a difference no matter how big or small. Take one deliberate action on Friday to inject kindness into the lives of our community who are living with cystic fibrosis makes a difference. You’ll help give access to parent support, vouchers and allowances during hospitalisations, Breath4CF grants that support lung health, welfare assistance, and much more. 

Your kindness means the world to our CF community. 


Ways you can get involved

Deliberate Acts of Kindness Day – 27 May
Take one deliberate action today that can inject kindness into the lives of people living with cystic fibrosis.

Visit www.cruelneedskind.org.nz


BREATHE – Get your Limited-Edition vinyl
The incredibly talented singer / songwriter, Chloe Lorentzen, at 17 years old, heard about our campaign, and within 5 days had written, recorded and produced BREATHE at Abbey Road Studios in London. Her lyrics and angelic voice have created the most beautiful and moving song, BREATHE has become the heart of our campaign – our new CF anthem.

> Pre-order the limited-edition vinyl

> Purchase the single


CruelNeedsKind Exclusive Designed Merch

Get in quick and pre-order before Sunday the 5th of June. There’s a FRED Mini-Me one piece for babies up to 24 months, kids tees, adults tees and hoodies.

A portion of each sale makes a donation, and you get a gift back in return.

> SHOP merch


Chocky Fish – buy or sell
This year you can buy a box of Chocky Fish for $50! And it includes your donation You get to inject some kindness and in return we’ll send you a box of Chocky Fish to share as a Deliberate Act of Kindness with the people around you. Shop the Kindness Store to get your box of Chocky Fish.

And if you’re inspired to run a fundraiser you can still register to sell by visiting cfnz.org.nz/fish to order your boxes. We’ll be running this through until the end of June.

Request fundraising resources via fundraising@cfnz.org.nz


Make a donation here
A simple but effective deliberate act of kindness!

  • $20 can provide financial support with a power bill or food shop
  • $50 can provide hospital parking vouchers or assistance with travel to and from hospital
  • $100 can provide a newly diagnosed pack and wrap-around support for parents with a newborn
  • $300 can provide important exercise equipment through the Breath4CF grant, helping people with CF to stay active and support lung health



Your Deliberate Act of Kindness can be sharing with family, friends and your workmates about the CruelNeedsKind campaign, so they can get involved!

  • Share the CruelNeedsKind video
  • Share the song BREATHE, by Chloe Lorentzen
  • Share CFNZ social posts from Facebook and Instagram
  • Use our social tags, #CruelNeedsKind #DeliberateActsofKindness #CFAwarenessMonth