Tyler Yorke 2
21 Jun

Chocolate fish champ

21 June 2019

Budding entrepreneur Tyler Yorke-Thompson recently spent a Sunday selling chocolate fish to support CF Canterbury branch.

Nine-year-old Tyler chose to support the branch because his brother Ayden has CF. Deciding to help his mum Kristal sell chocolate fish, Tyler drew up a plan about how he could sell the fish, designed a sign and set up a table outside his house.

Tyler managed to sell a whopping 200 chocolate fish, and even received an $80 donation from a man who had driven by in the morning and saw him still sitting there in the afternoon.

CF Christchurch branch chair Melissa Skene was impressed by Tyler’s effort.

“Thanks Tyler for all your support and it’s great to have you as part of our CF Canterbury team,” Melissa says.


Tyler Yorke 1

Tyler selling chocolate fish outside his Christchurch home