10 Apr

CF and Trikafta in the news

10 April 2022

Cystic fibrosis and Trikafta have had some amazing coverage over the last few days in both the Bay of Plenty Times and the Rotorua Daily Post. 

Megan Wilson interviewed 19 year old OJ and his mum Trish from Rotorua about OJ's desperate need for Trikafta, and the fear Trish has for his life without access. 11 year old Charlie and his dad Glenn from Tauranga talk about the cruel cards they've been dealt, and how Trikafta would allow Charlie to wake up each day knowing he has a future.

Earlier in the week, Megan also interviewed Whakatane brothers Ashley and Troy who both live with CF. Ashley is on Trikafta through Vertex's managed access programme, but without funding, Troy does not have access to Trikafta.

These stories can be accessed through NZ Herald's paid subscription here:

  • Read the Bay of Plenty Times article here
  • Read the Rotorua Daily Post here
  • Read Ashley and Troy's Bay of Plenty Times article here
  • Read Jo Raphael's opinion piece here