Generous grant funds two new Metaneb machines

We have received a very generous grant from the Hart/Hawkesby family that has enabled us to purchase two new Metaneb machines for adult services at Auckland Hospital. 

The Metaneb is designed to maximise treatment by combining three therapies in one—volume expansion, secretion clearance and nebuliser therapy.

It begins with continuous positive expiratory pressure (CPEP) therapy, which helps expand the lungs, and then seamlessly moves on to the secretion clearance part of the treatment. At the same time, the nebuliser is runs throughout the entire therapy session. 

The therapy cycle takes approximately 10 minutes and maximises efficiency by combining the three therapies into a single therapy. This means there is only one machine used for all three therapies and the amount of time of treatments is considerably reduced.

Starship Hospital had a Metaneb machine donated last year, which has shown great results when used by PWCF in hospital. Adult services had used Starship’s machine when not in use, but they are thrilled to now have their own machines which will be ready to use soon.

Auckland branch Starship metaneb donation

Jan Tate, Bruno and Dylan Hawkesby learning all about the new Metaneb from Roisin (Adult Physio)