Transplant allowance

We provide financial assistance to support both the individual and their loved ones during pre-transplant phase, procedure and recovery.

Many people with cystic fibrosis will reach a point where they require a transplant to prolong their life. The success rate of transplants for people with cystic fibrosis (CF) is encouraging, and recipients often enjoy a much greater quality of life.

We provide a transplant allowance of up to $3000 for people with CF undergoing a transplant in New Zealand. Any person with CF who is being assessed for transplant will be eligible for this grant.

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What does the allowance cover?

In the pre-transplant/assessment phase, a Hospital Allowance of $20 a night is available, for a maximum of 14 nights per admission.

Post-transplant a Transplant Allowance of $70 a week, for up to 12 weeks, is available during the patients stay in hospital and while recovering at Hearty Towers.

The remainder of the $3,000 Transplant Allowance can be used for anything that falls within the bounds of a ‘reasonable’ cost of having a transplant. Some examples of reasonable costs are:

  • Taxis, public transport, petrol and parking is reimbursed at the rate of 50% (receipts must be provided).
  • Immediate family travel may be reimbursed at the rate of 75% (receipts must be provided).
  • A weekly grocery voucher ($30) is offered to the patient and family to assist with weight maintenance.

We do not provide funding for expensive modes of transport (such as corporate cabs or rentals) where standard options are available, travel for anyone beyond the immediate family (spouse/partner, children, parents), non-prescription medication or supplements, entertainment, childcare, housecleaning, pet care, loss of wages/salary, rent/mortgage payments or settlement of debt.

Post-transplant admissions (occurring after the patient has been discharged from Hearty Towers) will be paid at the normal Hospital Allowance rate of $20 a night and do not come out of the Transplant Allowance.

CF transplant recipients and their immediate support person will be visited regularly by the CF Field Worker during their hospitalisation and recovery, to ensure they are receiving the support needed.

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How do I apply?

If you'd like more information, or to apply for this allowance, please get in touch with your CF field worker.


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