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Contacting an MP

Personal contact with MPs is a powerful way to get your message across. Our advocacy toolkit includes advice for meeting with MPs.

You can find the contact details for all New Zealand MPs on the New Zealand Parliament website (scroll to the bottom to download the contact spreadsheet).

You have the right to contact any MP and ask to be heard.

Consider meeting with your electorate MP. They have a responsibility to meet the needs of their electorate, and are sensitive to the needs of people in their electorate as they know they need the support of local people to get re-elected.

There’s a particular duty on your electorate MP to meet with you. Some MPs, particularly if they’re ministers, can be very busy so getting an appointment can be tricky. But remember, your electorate MP has a responsibility to see you and you have a right to be heard. Sometimes it just takes persistence but you’ll get a meeting.

Contact our advocate Lisa Woods if you're having trouble organising a meeting, if you'd like advice and guidance for an upcoming meeting of if you have any questions. Email: