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Clinical Advisory Panel

The CFNZ Clinical Advisory Panel (CAP) was formed in May 2018 to provide CFNZ with timely, honest and impartial advice on clinical aspects of the activities of CFNZ.

Members of the CAP represent the multi-disciplinary clinical team model of care and are representative of clinical services for cystic fibrosis in New Zealand.

Members of the CAP:
  • Associate Professor Cass Byrnes (Paediatric Respiratory Specialist, Starship Children’s Hospital)
  • Dr Mark O’Carroll (Adult Respiratory Specialist, Auckland City Hospital)
  • Cath Lamont (Adult CF Nurse Specialist, Auckland City Hospital)
  • Tory Crowder (Dietitian, Canterbury)
  • Patricia Goulter (Adult Physiotherapist, Canterbury)
  • Rebecca Scoones (Paediatric Physiotherapist, Starship Children’s Hospital)
  • Jan Tate (Paediatric CF Clinical Nurse Specialist, Starship Children’s Hospital)
  • Jane Drumm (CFNZ Chairperson)
  • Jane Bollard (CFNZ Chief Executive)
What does the CAP do?

Members of the CAP communicate on issues related to cystic fibrosis and meet regularly throughout the year.

The roles and responsibilities of the CAP are to:

  • work collaboratively with CFNZ for improved care of PWCF in New Zealand
  • provide CFNZ with evidence-based advice on medical, scientific and other issues and opportunities related to CF management, as it impacts on the CF community in New Zealand, and in keeping with the best interests of CFNZ
  • provide CFNZ with advice that collectively represents the view of the CAP
  • inform CFNZ, as appropriate, on strategic and quality improvement priorities based on PORT CF data and CF Standards of Care document(s)
  • work collaboratively with other committees established by CFNZ
  • ensure all objectives and roles implied are met without compromise to the respective ethical Codes/Scope of Practice for each CAP member.

The CAP doesn’t comment on individual patient care.

For more information about the CAP, please contact