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14 Aug

We're investing in your well-being

14 August 2020

Get FREE access to the Beam Team online exercise program

CFNZ has been very fortunate to receive a grant from Te Hiringa Hauora – the Health Promotion Agency in NZ, to enable all people aged 16 years or over with CF in New Zealand and new mums of babies with CF to engage with the Beam online exercise platform for a 3 month pilot programme, with the aim to make it easier for you to be more active, achieve your goals and make some positive connections. 

If you are younger than 16 but would still like to participate, talk to your Fieldworker – we will allow some flexibility on this.

Beam helps people with cystic fibrosis to get more active in a way that makes them feel good, with on-demand and live classes, group support and handy resources.  They also have a programme targeted at post-natal mums, and we encourage mums with young children with CF to engage with this part of the platform – it’s important to look after yourself too!

The classes are led by specialist and qualified instructors who are either living with or working in CF. The sessions include a mix of exercise disciplines (HIIT, yoga, strength and conditioning, Pilates, etc) at all levels of fitness, and address a range of health needs (posture, stress incontinence, breathlessness management, general fitness etc),

We are encouraging everyone who signs up to set some personal goals they hope to achieve over the course of the programme.  You may like to discuss these with your Fieldworker or physio.  Beam offers the opportunity for the CF community to come together and learn from and inspire one another without the risk of cross-infection.

Of course, we do need a little bit more from you – we need you to complete a survey about your general wellbeing at the start of the programme and then again at the end of the 3 month period.  We will use this anonymous data to report back to Te Hiringa Hauora.

We hope that you will all take advantage of this opportunity to increase your level of exercise, or just change up the program you are already doing. Check out the website here: to read some of the great blogs and see what they offer.


You only have 1 month to sign up to be part of the free CFNZ 3-month pilot programme, so register today. 


How do I join?

  1. If you have CF, or you are a mum to a CF child under 3, then you can sign up to be part of the 3-month pilot programme.
  2. Send an email to to register your interest and to receive the sign up survey.
  3. Once the survey has been received, you will be sent an access code to access the Beam website.
  4. Go to the Beam website and sign up using the CFNZ provided access code.
  5. Get involved and start achieving your goals.


This is a fantastic opportunity for the CF community in NZ and we extend our thanks to Te Hiringa Hauora and Beam for their support.