6 May

Radio Interview Raises Awareness of CF

6 May 2019

At age 28, Alana’s lung function was just 18 percent, she weighed a tiny 42kgs and her hair was falling out. She could hardly find the energy to brush her teeth or walk to the letter box. Her life depended on the oxygen she towed behind her in a tiny suitcase.

But thanks to a lung transplant in 2015, Alana now lives a very different life. In an interview with Jesse Mulligan on Radio New Zealand on Friday 3 May, Alana shared her experience of living with CF and what it means for the 516 Kiwis who also live with the condition.

Listen to the full interview

A huge thank you to Alana and Jesse Mulligan RNZ Afternoons for the opportunity to help raise awareness of cystic fibrosis.