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2 Jul

Meet OurEco Home

2 July 2019

As a charity we're grateful for the many wonderful organisations who, through becoming one of our key partners, enables us to continue to work towards our vision of lives unlimited by CF. Our EcoHome is one organisation who supports the work we do.

OurEco Home is a fabulous NZ owned and operated business, hand-making cleaning products without any nasty chemicals. The secret is all about taking cleaning back to basics and powering it by natures’ own essential oils. The beauty of this means it's safe for all our family members and smells amazing.

Having major health issues within our family of 6 led us to look at what we were using within our home environment. It didn’t take long to identify a number of harsh chemicals in the cleaning products we were using. Unable to find any products that did the job well without exposing us to harsh chemicals and leaving us with that gagging overpowering odour, we looked further afield to Australia. Here we found OurEco Clean. For 3 years we imported these products and were the sole distributer here in New Zealand, and last year we secured the licensing agreement to start making them right here in Auckland.

Proven ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, soap flakes and essential oils add to the important formulation that make up our products. There are nine products in the range that cover just about every cleaning need along with accessories such as compostable kitchen bags.

If you haven’t yet checked out OurEco Home, visit the website and see for yourself. You can order online and what’s more, 15% of the value of every order is donated to CFNZ when you use the Code CFNZ2015.

Thank your OurEco Home for your ongoing support of the CF community.