2 Dec

Meet our newly appointed CFNZ Board Chair, Warwick.

2 December 2019

Introducing our newly appointed Chair of the CFNZ Board, Warwick Murray.

Warwick lives with his wife Yvonne and youngest daughter Charlie, in the Western Bay of Plenty. 

He grows avocados and as an environmental consultant, he helps farmers address some of the environmental and economic challenges they face. When not working, he takes care of Charlie’s needs and should be around home doing the housework, but can often be found puddling around in boats or out in the local reserve harassing rats and stoats. 

Like most fathers of people with CF, Warwick wishes he could magically find a cure, but failing that, he is proud to be part of the CFNZ Board (currently as chair) and through that, to do what he can to help better the lives of those with CF and their families.  

We are very grateful that Warwick has stepped up to the plate, and we look forward to his leadership and guidance on the board.