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30 May

CFNZ board update – May 2019

30 May 2019

CFNZ Board member Melissa Skene provides an update on the latest Board meeting.

After our March strategic day facilitated by Carol Scholls we hit our May board meeting feeling invigorated.

Discussion took place on the proposed CFNZ Board Programme of Work 2019/20 where we looked at a list of priorities and topics to become our annual work plan over the next 12 months along with policy review. This looks like a big task but meeting by meeting we will be working hard on this.

A working group has been formed to look at the up and coming chairpersons conference agenda.

We are seeking expressions of interest for an Independent Director to join our board with a particular set of skills and competencies to compliment the skills we already have in the current make up of our board.

The candidate we are looking for would have had previous governance experience and skills and experience in areas such as advocacy, law and legislation, organisational financial management, marketing and fundraising, use of social media as a tool for promotion, fundraising and advocacy, strategy development and implementation, networking and relationship building, particularly high net worth.

If you know of anyone who has at least two of these skills and would be willing to work on the CFNZ board please email Jane Drumm:

We reviewed and approved the revised Cross Infection Policy. To note that we will be supporting our CF people in virtual ways when it comes to conferences etc and will be supporting schools to have robust management plans.

Schools have a health and safety responsibility to look after our children especially if there is more than 1 child with CF at the same school. The CAP (Clinical Advisory Panel) has been consulted on this policy. This position statement will be going up on our website.

The Entertainment Policy was also reviewed and approved and with health and safety we needed to make sure we are being very responsible hosts especially when it comes to alcohol consumption.

We also reviewed the Breath4CF Policy. The CAP was asked for comment on this, about the effectiveness of this fund. They strongly support the fund as being effective from the age of 12 years and over and they felt children aged under 12 are naturally energetic and have less need for exercise equipment.

After discussion the board's recommendation was the Breath4CF fund be made available to PWCF aged 12 years and above effective from 1st of July 2019. Also, that the board continues to assess the continuation of the fund.

Melissa Skene
Board member