27 Apr

CF Awareness Month - read why we're telling the cold hard truth

27 April 2022

A message from our CE Lisa Burns.

Our CF Awareness Month Campaign started with one Deliberate Act of Kindness that has been snowballing over the past few weeks with more and more significant contributions as others have heard about what we are doing.

Knowing that CFNZ didn’t have the resources to deliver the size this campaign needed we have been truly humbled by those who have surrounded us with their kindness, generosity and support.

This means our CF Awareness Month Campaign will be seen across TV, websites, on social media, billboards and heard on radio which couldn’t be more valuable right now.

Despite comprehensive advice and recommendations backed up by evidence, we do not have confidence that those who are making the decisions fully comprehend the seriousness of CF.

We all know that the end game is to have Trikafta funded in NZ so our messages need to be clear, strong and tell the truth which we know can be hard to hear. This campaign has the chance to create change and we’re going to give it everything we’ve got.

So, we’re going to wake up those that need to hear us about the cruelty of CF and the injustice about the lack of accessibility to Trikafta in NZ. And we’re going to share the cold hard facts to the New Zealand public to raise awareness of our communities need for support.




As we’ve mentioned the campaign will feature language and imagery that may be confronting or upsetting for our community. It is so important to us that you can protect your loved ones.

The campaign will have a story and we’re excited to share that with you when it’s ready to launch. Across the TV Ad, one of the billboards and some of the digital advertising there is wording we want to share ahead of launch day.


  • CF is a cruel condition. Most will die before the age of 40. But you can help with an injection of kindness.

TV Ad:

  • It’s a cruel twist of fate that causes cystic fibrosis, just two parents with the same gene.
  • Most who have CF won’t live past the age of 40… they’ll die fighting for their last breath.
  • There’s no wonder drug funded here. No miracle cure.
  • But it can be treated with an injection of kindness.
  • The CF Appeal. Join the fundraising.


I would like to give you every reassurance that the decision to take this direction and “tell the truth” about living with CF and the seriousness of the condition has not been an easy one to make. Every consideration about the impact on you our community has been taken into consideration and we have tried to strike the right balance. We do understand that this will be different for everyone and we would love your support.