4 Apr

Caleb awarded 2019 scholarship

4 April 2019

This year’s Mark Ashford Scholarship was awarded to architecture student Caleb Skene from Christchurch.

"It is an absolute honour to receive the scholarship in recognition of my achievements in the study of architecture. I feel proud knowing the meaning behind the award and grateful for the possibilities it will give me in developing my knowledge, such as travelling and experiencing my favourite buildings first hand,” says Caleb.

The Mark Ashford Scholarship is awarded each year to a person with CF who has shown excellence in their tertiary study and/or has shown tenacity to overcome the trials of CF while studying. The scholarship is generously funded by TeflerYoung and is based on previous academic results. Recipients are awarded $3,000.

Congratulations Caleb and a big thank you to TeflerYoung.



Caleb Skene, recipient of the 2019 Mark Ashford Scholarship.