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Auckland Marathon FB
5 Nov

A Sweaty Goal for Josh!

5 November 2020

Josh Chase from Whangaparaoa challenged himself to tackle 11kms in Auckland's "Run the City" event on Sunday 1 November. 

How did it feel crossing the finish line?

It was an amazing experience and achievement to cross that finish line for sure and makes me want to do it again next year... Possibly even attempt the half marathon!

How did you feel throughout the race? 

I didn’t have any challenges as such. Obviously breathing was a big thing, but I was able to slow my pace and catch my breath to start jogging again. Definitely wearing a mask the entire 11km was my biggest struggle as it was uncomfortable because it made me feel hotter than I was, but I didn't feel that it limited my breathing.

What kind of training schedule did you have?

I generally work out every single day, so I added in some running sessions every couple of days when my lungs were feeling good.

Any advice?

I just say go for it! It’s an experience in itself, and running new places always keeps things interesting.
Having CF and exercise should go hand in hand in my opinion. We need to keep the lungs we have as healthy as long as we possibly can.

Running makes me feel good, and achieving something like this has been awesome. The fact I can also help/support/motivate and inspire other people especially others with CF is an even greater feeling. I want to be a role model for others living with CF, someone that they can look up to.


Well done Josh - an epic achievement!
Thank you for getting SWEATY for CF, and sharing your story.

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