23 Jan


CFNZ is profoundly grateful for the unwavering support and dedicated pro bono assistance extended by Simpson Grierson over the past few years.

Pro bono relationships are of immeasurable value to organisations like CFNZ, serving as a cornerstone of support that extends far beyond financial contributions. These partnerships offer access to specialised expertise and resources that we would otherwise not be able to afford, empowering the opportunity to amplify our impact.

Since 2020, Simpson Grierson has wholeheartedly undertaken giving us legal support on a pro bono basis, and we are indebted to the numerous individuals within the firm who have contributed their time, expertise, and passion to our cause.

CFNZ is profoundly grateful for the unwavering support and dedicated pro bono assistance extended by Simpson Grierson over the past few years. As the sole charitable organisation in New Zealand wholly devoted to enhancing the lives of individuals with cystic fibrosis (CF) and their families, CFNZ acknowledges the pivotal role that Simpson Grierson has played in furthering our mission.

We are especially appreciative of Senior Associate Zac Fargher, who, as a member of the CFNZ Board, has seamlessly bridged the gap between the Board’s vision and the legal work conducted in partnership with Nick Bland during the constitution review. After two years serving on the CFNZ Board, Zac now leaves New Zealand to pursue a new adventure in Sydney. Zac has used the gift of his legal craft to support CFNZ with one of our largest organisational projects and we are truly grateful to him in ensuring we meet the needs of a modern charity in New Zealand.

Simpson Grierson’s pro bono work for CFNZ has covered a wide range of initiatives, including advice on our Cruel Needs Kind campaign and our new mascot, Fred Bear and for this, we extend our gratitude to Raymond Scott and Vaughan Somerville, whose dedicated legal counsel on intellectual property matters has been hugely valuable. “Together, we are making a real difference, one pro bono effort at a time”.

One of Simpson Grierson’s team, Vaughan Somerville, has CF so he knows all too well the challenges that CFNZ faces. “While there are a number of us in New Zealand with CF, it doesn’t quite get the recognition that other genetic conditions do. Funding can be hard to come by for CFNZ, especially in comparison to other charities, so it’s great to see a firm like ours getting involved in work that actually matters to people and has real-world significance every day for people with CF.”

“On a personal level, Trikafta is life[1]changing for me. My parents were told that if I made it to 21, that’s great. So, for me to be where I am today, working in a firm that is committed to supporting people living with CF, like myself, that, to me, is awesome.” “We have so much gratitude for the team at Simpson Grierson. Their support of CFNZ by way of pro bono legal advice and support has been hugely beneficial for us, as well as being a great help. We love working with Simpson Grierson, and their commitment to partnering with us, so we can channel our full focus into our CF community, means more than we can say.” Lisa Burns, Chief Executive.

When we passed on our thanks to Simpson Grierson’s Pro bono Partner, Shan Wilson, she said that it “meant a lot to Simpson Grierson to be able to work in partnership with CFNZ so that we can save CFNZ spending much needed funds on legal fees, as opposed to CF support. We also feel pleased to lend our expertise to keep CFNZ safe from legal concerns, as we know this all helps CFNZ focus on what the charity does best, helping those in the community”.

The partnership between Simpson Grierson and CFNZ provides inspiration about the power of giving, demonstrating how making a Deliberate Act of Kindness and providing pro bono support can profoundly make a difference in the lives of people with CF. CFNZ extends our heartfelt appreciation to Simpson Grierson for their unwavering dedication to our cause and their significant contributions towards enhancing the quality of life for individuals with CF and their families in New Zealand.