2 Jul

Trikafta Managed Access Programme Announced

Friday, 2 July 2021

Cystic Fibrosis NZ is pleased to confirm Vertex has put in place a Managed Access Programme in New Zealand for the triple combination therapy (registered as Trikafta in Australia) for those in critical need.

CF clinicians are now able to make a formal request to Vertex for access for patients who meet a certain criteria and for whom access to the programme may be the only option remaining. Please note that people with CF or their families cannot apply direct to Vertex.

The Programme and criteria for access are both managed globally through Vertex Global Medical Information and only includes Trikafta. It presents a treatment option for a relatively small group of people with CF and access will depend on a number of clinical variables. Clinicians in CF centres in NZ are the contact point to discuss this further.

Trikafta is not yet approved by Medsafe in NZ, and therefore there are a number of local steps that CF centres must take prior to activation of the Managed Access Programme. CF centres in NZ will be at different stages in the activation of the programme and readiness to enrol eligible patients. The Auckland adult CF centre is now active.

Cystic Fibrosis NZ is delighted that Vertex has established a Managed Access Programme for Kiwis with CF. The programme can provide access to Trikafta to individuals in urgent need, while regulatory and funding applications are worked through by Vertex with Medsafe and Pharmac.

But this Managed Access Programme is no substitute for publicly funded access. We will continue to work with all parties to secure Trikafta and Vertex’s other CF modulators as soon as possible for our CF community.