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2 Feb

Trikafta in the news - what you need to know

2 February 2021

Starting tonight, Patrick Gower and Newshub will be running a three-story series speaking to New Zealanders with cystic fibrosis who have been able to privately access Trikafta.

Trikafta is a breakthrough treatment widely heralded as having the potential to turn cystic fibrosis from a life-threatening condition, to a manageable condition. It's currently not funded in New Zealand.

You can watch the interviews on Newshub Live at 6pm on Three, from Tuesday (2nd Feb) to Thursday. Patrick will also be on The Project on Tuesday to discuss it.

CFNZ is absolutely thrilled for Bella, Ed and Izaeah who’ve been able to privately access Trikafta. But they shouldn’t have to. Trikafta should be publicly accessible to all Kiwis who could benefit.

“We would like to see Trikafta funded in New Zealand without further delay. Kiwis with cystic fibrosis can’t wait any longer,” says CFNZ Chief Executive Jane Bollard. “After months of discussions we’re pleased to share that we have secured the agreement of the key stakeholders: Pharmac, Medsafe, and Vertex, to attend a facilitated meeting with CFNZ, and Trikafta For Kiwis, in March 2021 to work together to identify a pathway to public funding of Trikafta in the shortest possible time."


Ahead of Newshub's Trikafta segment, Vertex released the following statement - read it here.


Support for our CF community 

Although Cystic Fibrosis NZ was not actively involved in the filming, we understand that the Newshub interviews will discuss some sensitive and confronting issues such as mortality, life expectancy, and transplants. These may raise emotional and very real concerns for people with CF, their families, friends and loved ones.

The topics discussed are important, but they're not always easy to talk about. Our CF fieldworkers are here to help with any difficult questions or concerns you may have. It’s also important to remember that every CF journey is an individual one, and the experiences discussed in the interviews may not necessarily be the same as yours.

If you are a family member or friend, you can find support in our publication A guide to cystic fibrosis – for family, whanau and friends. You may also wish to make a donation to Cystic Fibrosis NZ, who provide emotional and practical support, contribution to research, and advocate for access to treatments and care on behalf of the CF community. 



We are asking as many New Zealanders as possible to add their signature to the following important petitions:

Petition to fund Trikafta in NZ

Petition to reform the Pharmac funding model